Letters To Daddy - The Musical

Letters to Daddy (L2D) is a musical production, created by 4e Productions, for school and community theatres. It offers a proactive, entertaining approach to empowering children and raising the awareness that there is more to a person's character than what we see on the outside. It's a program that opens doors to addressing societal issues through inspirational songs, peer-to-peer influence and collaboration. The children are not merely role players, they are role models that offer positive reinforcement and empowering messages throughout the show.

4e Productions, a visionary company that merges entertainment and education to promote values, strengthen character and encourage healthy lifestyle choices. Our intention is to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Letters to Daddy Licensing Package

The L2D Licensing Package

Includes all the material needed for your own production:

  • Director’s Production Guide
  • Cast Scripts
  • 12 Songs: Sheet Music & Music Tracks for rehearsal & performance
  • Logos & Program template
  • Playbook of extension activities for the classroom
  • $475 includes 2 shows

The Musical Key to Bully-Free ♫ A Transformational Musical ♫
For Kids by Kids Everywhere ♫ A Musical Detention ♫ Peer-to-Peer Program


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The Story of the Musical

Caroline Turner is a well-mannered, ordinary 12yr old girl who is having an Awful Day. She encounters a series of unpleasant events that eventually lead to detention at school and home. Angered by the circumstances surrounding her punishment, Caroline discovers a folder full of letters on her father's desk. He's a 5th grade teacher whose class has written anonymous essays that detail challenging issues in their lives. Through the issues revealed in the letters and with the help of concerned friends, Caroline gains wisdom, a better understanding of others' lives, and a greater appreciation of her own life. By the end of the musical, her Awful Day becomes an Awesome Day and the only thing that changed was her perspective.

Letters to Daddy
Letters to Daddy cast with William Rodman and John O’Neill

A Message from the Co-founder


As an educator for over 30 years, I have witnessed firsthand the importance for students to express themselves either through written or spoken words. L2D is a platform that allows for this opportunity. It is a program created to inspire and encourage people to work together through challenging issues. The powerful messages and catchy meaningful songs transcend beyond just an entertaining musical.

John O’Neill
Co-founder, 4e Productions


4e Productions is a visionary company that merges entertainment and education to promote values, strengthen character and encourage healthy lifestyle choices. Our intention is to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Together We Can Change The World

While L2D has captivated audiences throughout the U.S., one of the hit songs, "Together We Can Change the World" has become a global sensation, being performed by hundreds of schools and community choirs on 6 different continents. The song and the musical continue to inspire all of us to make a difference.

Together, we can change the world!

Cast green back

What the Audience Is Saying

“It’s a fabulous show, and I see it being performed in schools all over the world!”
Clive Swirsky, Host of “Alive with Clive”

“This should be on Broadway!”
Adria Gross, FIPC; Take Shape for Life Health Coach

“The show was stunning tonight. The kids, the music and most of all the message, beamed out at all of us like a sky full of shooting stars…”
Terry Eldh, former cast member in Broadway’s “Phantom of the Opera”; Producer/Performer of “Brilliant Broadway"

“I just cannot express to you how impressed I am with this project - The whole thing is such an inspiration and I can only imagine the kind of power that inspiration can hold for children.”
Jeanne MacDonald, Minisink Valley Intermediate School Music Dept

"Your students had us laughing, singing, crying and hugging....We are SO proud to be able to bring this amazing show to DV and to our entire community. Together we CAN change the world, and your show is proving it and inspiring it!"
Sharon Siegel

“‘Letters to Daddy’ provides a critical message to our youth in a context that is educational, enlightening and most importantly delivered in a positive manner.”
David Jolly, Orange County Commissioner of Social Services

“...this show should really go on the road!”
Kim Carver, Valley Central Music Department Chair

“I so enjoyed ‘Letters to Daddy’. The message is great. The songs a perfect fit. A STANDING OVATION!!!”
Dave Nichols, Boomerang.org

“...It is an amazing production with some powerful message for our children. If you haven’t already seen it, I encourage you to check it out…”
Dawn Ansbro, Executive Director, Orange County NY Arts Council, Inc.

“The show was so much more than I had hoped or expected. I was blown away - as were many others based on the remarks I heard following the show.”
Kristin Jensen, Assistant to the Orange County Executive

“I just wanted you to know how blown away I was by the production…It was done in such way that the students will connect with the messages while not being ‘hit over the head’ with them…I laughed and I cried and I hope to see it again! Thank you again for covering all manners of bullying and other issues facing children in such a way that they will listen and relate to them. I love it when we can find programs that work!”
Lisa Nazzaro, Assistant Principal, Gardnertown Elementary

“I was touched, moved and inspired beyond beyond! Everything about the entire evening and event was beyond first class, beyond inspiration! The program is fabulous and I will continue to enjoy and appreciate it–there is sooo much in it to see and digest. Magnificent job!”
Sheila Pearl, Newburgh Author/Life Coach