4e Formula

Balancing Entertainment with Education

Our innovative approach to character-building integrates education and entertainment in a balanced manner that can be customized to work with any targeted group. Entertainment is the key to attracting an audience’s attention, especially children, since music, stories and other forms of entertainment are very effective at captivating and engaging kids. Education is the ingredient that fortifies a programs and makes it substantive, allowing children to learn experientially. Instilling basic core values and ethical standards into their environment, in school or community activities, is critically important to the children and the foundation of a stronger society.

Power of Peer Influence

Role models of 4e Productions and the programs that make the formula work are the kids. Children innately look to each other for guidance. Those peer-to-peer relationships often define a child’s experience and shape their lives. The children in 4e’s programs experience life challenges that lead directly to the development of self-confidence and self-esteem and a belief that they are good enough. The children are collaborative and learn from each other. They are “cool” because conscientious behavior is seen as an attribute that makes them popular.

Proactive vs. Reactive

Targeting children at early stages of development is one part of it. Getting out in front of problems or challenges is another. We endeavor to Instill values, create habits and encourage children to take initiative so that they can set a positive tone for their experiences. Too much of their behavior is in reaction to something that happened. Rather than respond in kind, we encourage children to respond in kindness.

Solutions-Based Approach

It is an extension of being proactive. Our programs factor in solutions before a child encounters a problem, so that when they experience challenges in their own lives, they are already armed with options so that they can ideally make the best choice in any circumstance.