Letters to Daddy: The Musical Key to Bully-free

Letters to Daddy: The Musical Key to Bully-Free is a contemporary, musical production for school drama clubs and community theatres that offers a proactive, entertaining approach to empowering children and making us all aware that there is more to a person's character than what we see on the outside. It's a program that opens doors to understanding through inspirational songs, peer-to-peer influence and collaboration to resolve challenging societal issues, like bullying.

Letters to Daddy keeps it real. Children actors are role models not merely role players. The characters in the story exemplify “character” and offer positive reinforcement and empowering messages throughout the show

Letters to Daddy's Origins

Rilee O’Nell and Caroline Rodman, daughters of the 4e founders and creators of Letters to Daddy: The Musical Key to Bully-Free, were both members of the original cast that debuted at the Lycian Theatre in Sugarloaf in 2009.

The first tour of the musical took place in Orange County, NY on October 6, 2011 at Orange Hall on the Middletown campus of SUNY Orange and concluded with a grand finale at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts (site of historic "Woodstock") on August 30, 2012. The cast was made up of an extraordinary group of ordinary children from the county who embraced the responsibility and brought their own truths (and often their pain) to the surface on stage for the benefit of others.

The Story of the Musical

Caroline Turner is a well-mannered, ordinary 12 year-old girl who is having an extraordinary day full of challenges. After tossing and turning most of the night because she is worried about her parents getting divorced, she encounters a series of unpleasant events, including oversleeping and missing the bus. Ultimately, she winds up in detention after an encounter with a bully that led to a fight at recess. At home, she’s shuttled off to her father’s cold, dreary, den to contemplate her actions. Angered by the circumstances surrounding her punishment, Caroline discovers a folder full of student papers on her father’s desk. He’s a 5th grade teacher whose class has written anonymous essays that detail painful issues in their lives. Through the many issues revealed in the letters and with the help of concerned friends who sneak in through the basement window, Caroline gains wisdom, a better understanding of others’ lives, and a greater appreciation of her own life. By the end of the musical, her awful day becomes an awesome day…and the only thing that changed was her perspective.

The Letters to Daddy Licensing Package

The Letters to Daddy Licensing Package includes all the material needed for your own production, including:

  • Director’s Production Guide
  • Cast Scripts
  • Sheet Music & Music Tracks for rehearsal & performance
  • Logos & Artwork for the stage and the Program
  • Playbook of extension activities for the classroom

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