The Letters to Daddy Experience

The Letters to Daddy Experience

The Letters to Daddy Experience is a community enrichment program that offers a peer to peer solutions-based approach to addressing challenging societal issues like bullying. 4eProductions, in conjunction with schools, youth theatres and community organizations brings children together in activities involving the performing arts and publishing.

Performing Arts

Letters to Daddy – The Musical Key to Bully-free is the performing arts component of the program. The musical has proven to have a positive impact on children that extends to immediate families with ripples felt throughout entire communities.

4eProductions, LLC works in collaboration with local youth groups - based on a proven formula - to develop a cast who will perform a series of shows at various venues throughout their community.


To ensure that the benefits of the musical extend beyond the performance we publish a program/magazine by the kids for the kids – also based on a proven formula – that reinforces the messages of the musical to create a lasting effect.

  • Impact of the show’s messages are written and illustrated by students
  • Literary piece pulls together content from perspective of performers and audience
  • Publication is extended to children throughout communities everywhere

Benefits to the children

  • Inspires collaboration
  • Raises conscious awareness
  • Encourages accountability
  • Helps build self-esteem & confidence
  • Improves coping skills in a safe platform for self-expression
  • Helps mitigate bullying and the harmful effects of adverse circumstances

*Satisfies the common core state standards for ELA*

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