What if we spoke with one voice?

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The SIFA Africa Children’s Choir--a group of homeless orphans from Uganda who toured the U.S. to raise money to build an orphanage in their Aids-ravaged community of Kampala were the first group to sing “Together We Can Change the World” along with Rilee O’Neill on her debut album. Their amazing journey is chronicled in “Sifa’s Hope: The Making of Together We Can Change the World” a documentary being produced by First Image.


Shout out to The Thompson-Pound Art Program (TAP) of the Chatahoochee Valley Episcopal Ministry for the licensing of “Together We Can Change the World” for their 2020 salutations. TAP is an arts program for children ages six through eleven from diverse cultures and faiths. Through music, drama, dance, art, and stories children discover the value of self and of diversity in community.

If you are interested in licensing TWCCTW for a video or fundraising, please send inquiries to contact@4eproductions.com.


Before the Sifa Choir arrived in the U.S., a small group gathered in New Haven, CT to witness Rilee O’Neill and Mark Shepard in the first rendition ever of this amazing song. Peaches Quinn never imagined that an invitation for Will Rodman to speak at a networking event would set off an extraordinary chain of events that would lead us back to her house for this special occasion.

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